Water Ionizer Machine Information

What are Water Ionizers?

During  the past 12-18 months, water ionizers or “alkaline water”  has become very popular.  The machines and water are being marketed as things such as ” fountains of youth”, “living water”, etc.

They are also claiming to  be better than tap water, reverse osmosis, and bottled water.  There is so much information, some conflicting, that there is a lot of confusion.  In addition, the prices of the machines can be so high, that many people who really need them, can’t even come close to affording them.

This site is here to break through all the clutter, and give  you the basic facts about alkaline water machines & ionizer system benefits, and what is and is not important for your health. We will also cover more advanced topics and science, but we want to break this down into simplistic terms so everyone can understand.

If you are a consumer of bottled mineral water or regular bottled water you will be surprised to know that nearly all bottled waters are acidic, some more than others. There is also a big difference between alkaline water and alkaline ionized water, one of them has health improving properties, while the other does not. Many liquids that we consume daily are also highly acidic, processed sugary drinks like soda and even Vitamin Water have PH values around 3.0 or lower. Many people are consuming a cornucopia of acidic foods and drinks everyday without even knowing it.  Take a look at the PH values of coffee, milk, wine, and bottled water, you will be shocked by what you discover.

Changing your diet and making healthier food choices in addition to drinking ionized water can improve your health in many ways.  If you are just learning about alkaline water benefits you should read up on Oxidation Reduction Potential, or ORP, since this is the antioxidant present in the water which is responsible for its many improving properties.  Then, once you understand what ORP is, read on and learn how to make alkaline water.  There are many different ways in which you can raise the ph of water above 7.0, thereby making it alkaline.  Some of these methods rely on chemical additives, as Kangen water machines do. Others use minerals to increase the ph, some people even advocated using baking soda, yet they seem to overlook the warning label on the side of the box of baking soda regarding it’s over consumption. There are even claims that some methods make natural alkaline water, while others make it artificially. All of these different methods to make alkaline water are covered here, along with their advantages and disadvantages, their benefits and dangers.

The comparison chart on different alkaline water ionizer machines will convey some of the most important features of the different alkalizer models on the market at a glance. You can compare things like length of warranty, number of plates, design of plates – flat or solid or mesh, power system, and filtration.  We have even highlighted the “fine print” manufactures do not want you to discover, like length of return policy, whether there is a restocking fee if you return the machine, and other sneaky policies companies don’t want you to know.  Make sure you read or at least glance over every page on this website.  This is a website water ionizer companies do not want you to see, it covers the good, the bad, and the very very ugly in the water ionizer industry.