Water Ionizer Machine Information

What are Water Ionizers?

During  the past 12-18 months, water ionizers or “alkaline water”  has become very popular.  The machines and water are being marketed as things such as ” fountains of youth”, “living water”, etc.

They are also claiming to  be better than tap water, reverse osmosis, and bottled water.  There is so much information, some conflicting, that there is a lot of confusion.  In addition, the prices of the machines can be so high, that many people who really need them, can’t even come close to affording them.

This site is here to break through all the clutter, and give  you the basic facts about water ionizer machines, and what is and is not important for your health.

We will also cover more advanced topics and science, but we want to break this down into simplistic terms so everyone can understand.

Please click to find out the very basics of ionized water, alkaline water, or any other term used for this very healthy and beneficial water.  Alkaline water facts click here.

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