About kangen water and free kangen machines

Facts about Kangen water ionizers and the water they produce which is marketed as Kangen water.

Fact 1. Kangen water is alkaline ionized water which they call Kangen water as a marketing term.
Don’t be fooled by Kangen meetings or Kangen multi level marketing which terms the alkaline ionized water as Kangen Water. Kangen water is exactly the same water as that from every other water ionizer device from every other water ionizer brand. There is nothing different or better in kangen water, and it is only a marketing term.

Fact 2. Kangen / Enagic is a multi level marketing company, which is basically a pyramid scheme
For every kangen water ionizer which is sold 5 to 7 different people are paid, which is why the price of kagen water machines are so high. Don’t be fooled into a purchase of kangen and give your hard earned money to these uneducated sales people who really do not care about your health or health needs and are only speaking with you to take your money. Don’t listen to their kangen testimonials, or the endless amount of lies they will invent about their machines and other companies machines just to get your kangen purchase.

If you don’t beleive this, watch or download the kangen you tube video below used to recruit kangen distributors and you should also ask them why there is only a 3 to 7 day return policy on the Kangen machine and why if you do return it you will be charged anywhere from 30% to 70% the price of the machine to return it.

Fact 3. There is no such thing as free kangen or a free kangen machine, unless you sell the machines to others.
Again only a marketing technique, earn a free machine by getting 2 or 3 people to buy machines.
But first buy your free kangen machine and when you sell the next three machines and become a enagic distributor you will have free kangen, since we will credit you the cost of your first machine. Don’t be fooled by the free kangen myth, selling kangen machines and becoming a kangen distributor is very hard, and unless you have many many years of sales experience your will find yourself in the hole $2500.00 to $5000.00 with the so called free kangen machine your purchased at the overinflated multi level marketed kangen price.

Fact 4:

You will get the same exact health benefits by purchasing and drinking alkaline ionized water from other company water ionizer machines as kangen water.
Remember kangen water is alkaline ionized water, and the same exact water, alkaline ionized water, is produced by all brands of water ionizer machines, not only kangen machines.

I hope this clarifies about why the kangen price is so much higher than the price of all other water ionizer machines. Remember kangen is a mlm (multi level marketing company) and they will try to recruit or sell you at their many kangen meetings hosted by kangen distributors. And don’t be fooled into purchasing a kangen water ionizer machine with the promise of a free kangen machine because it will most likely not end up that way and you will be stuck with a very overvalued item which isn’t even worth 1/10 of the price you paid!!!!!