Life Ionizers is a registered trademark
Life Ionizers is a registered trademark.

Life Ionizers uses the business name Earth Trade Water

Customer Complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau against Life Ionizers / Earthtrade Water

Third Party Investigative report:  Eyes on the Industry

Rip Off Report on Life Ionizers

While browsing around Waterionizerauthority I happened to discover a very interesting article:

In summary the developers at Waterionizerauthority decided to stop selling Life water ionizers for what they saw as “Unethical Practices”. Reading further they explained that the people at Life Water Ionizers actually stole their content and created new additional websites. The people at Life Water Ionizers called these websites their own, and started using them to promote their own water ionizers yet they created the websites in such a way that they looked unbiased. They placed many other brands of water ionizers on the website and offered them for sale but in reality these other machines were actually not for sale, they were only there to give the “Appearance” of an unbiased website, such as what Waterionizerauthority is.

They go on further to say that the owner of Life Water Ionizers, Mr. Rick Cabados, created these and other additional sites in a way as to conceal the identity of the true owner of the websites. And that they (Waterionizerauthority) did their own little investigation to discovery this.

After reading this from waterionizerauthority I did some research of my own and have listed it below and I would like to mention another article on about life water ionizers:
Life water ionizers customer complaints and reviews

Life Ionizers Scam Ripped Me Off


Surely as a water ionizer reviewer, I felt compelled to share these life water ionizer reviews with others. I then began to search more on Life Water Ionizers, Earthtrade Water, and Rick Cabados the owner.

I found another alkaline water website with even more revealing information on the Life Water Ionizer company and the way in which they conduct their business. You may visit that website here:


Article: “The Facts of Life”


Finally just when I thought that the amount of misconduct could not increase any further, I found a letter from the Food and Drug Administration directed to Mr. Rick Cabados regarding one of his many companies selling products which he claims will have “miraculous health benefits”


Food and Drug Administration Warning Letter to Rick Cabados owner of Life Ionizers


To sum it up, based upon all that I have discovered I have concluded the following:

Life Water Ionizers / Earth Trade water has an extensive record of customer complaints:

  • Having such an extensive record of consumer complaints for their unethical business practices that many 3rd party organizations in addition to the BBB have documented these abuses.
  • Creating additional company names and alias and websites in what looks like an attempt to cover up previous consumer complaints.

Aqua Ionizer Deluxe Review and Comparison of Air Water Life Real Spirit USA

Recently a new water ionizer machine has appeared on the Internet in many of the sponsored links from a company called Real Spirit USA.  This water ionizer goes by two names, one of them is  The Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 while the other name is The Alive Water Ionizer.  There are two company websites selling this machine, one called airwaterlife dot com and the other called alivewaterionizers dot com.  The websites look very similar in design and have the same videos of the same CEO Richard Mayer.  Taking a look at the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe it has some pretty good specifications, at least that is what the websites claim.  Here are a list of the features and components written on the website:

  • ETL / Intertek Certification
  • Advanced Filtration
  • RTI Distinct- Titanium Platinum Plating
  • PH Capabilities: 4.5 to 11.0
  • ORP Capabilities:  +1000 to -840
  • Lifetime Warranty Limited
  • 30-Day Satisfaction Guaranty

Looks like a great water ionizer, with these features, and for the price, almost sounds too good to be true.  Naturally I decided to pay this ionizer a closer look, I wanted to know how long the company has been in business, where is the company located, can they prove the features they claim and what exactly are some of these features like the RTI Distinct Titanium Platinum Plating (which this is the first time I have ever heard of such a plating in over 5 years of running my website).  When researching the airwaterlife website in more detail I went to their about us page and the first thing I saw was that this company actually was a part of another company called Real Spirit USA, there was even a link to the realspiritusa dot com website.  So I clicked the link and saw a picture of a corporate office as well as the corporate address: 9447 De Soto Ave. Chatsworth, CA 91311.  I then decided to do a Google search and find the company address on Google maps.  Upon typing in the Real Spirit USA address  in Google maps I was able to see the office building from the street level by zooming in.  I took a screen shot to show you below, and I immediately noticed that the image on their website shows a sign which reads “Real Spirit” and has their company logo, however the photo in google maps shows the same exact building at that address without any sign.
Aqau Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 Company Review

real spirit aqua ionizer deluxe customer reviews and scams

Air Water Life Real Spirit USA Going Out Of Business

This was “intriguing” to say the least. I then went back to the Real Spirit USA website to take a look at the picture they had of the corporate building.  I noticed that the “Real Spirit” sign in the photo appeared to be “flat” not three dimensional like the “Available” sign on the building.  I also noticed that in the real spirit photo the building had red trim, not blue trim like in the Google maps photo and that the resolution of the real spirit photo was not that good, and it appear a little blurry.  Having experience in Photoshop (an Adobe photo editing software program) I immediately realized that the picture on the real spirit website was “Photoshopped” that is it was edited by someone using the program.  This meant that someone went out and took a photo of this office building, then edited it in Photoshop to place the words Real Spirit and the logo onto the building in what could only be an attempt to make the building appear to have the mark, when it fact it did not.

Whether they are located at that address or not, such a clever and deliberate deceit, made me really take a closer look at the aqua ionizer deluxe 7.0 and the man Richard Mayer promoting and selling the product.  I became doubtful of the aqua ionizer specifications, if they would try to trick me in such a sneaky way about the sign, which had nothing to do with the water ionizer, I could only imagine what else they could so sneakily trick me about.

I had to take a closer look at the machine and see if they were lying about anything with regards to that.  They acknowledge that their machine is made in China, which I myself particularly don’t find anything wrong with, since the parts and components which are used in all the different brands and models of water ionizers are actually made by the same factories. The water ionizers themselves are just assembled in different countries by different companies which stick a different brand name on them.  So in all actuality all the water ionizers are made by the same factories, their components at least, then assembled in different locations.  Richard Mayer CEO of Air Water Life and the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe actually posted a video of his water ionizer assembly line on his website however in the video Richard did not discuss the features which I thought were most prominent, like the “RTI Distinct Titanium Platinum Plates”.  Richard made many statements and claims in his “Factory Tour” but he did not back any of them up with any proof, they are simply just claims he has made, like those he has posted on his website.

After doing a little research, I discovered that they were lying about one of their biggest claims.

The Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 Does Not Have an ETL / Intertek Certification

You can check this for yourself, as I have, on the Intertek website in the Intertek Directory of Listed Products:

If you do a search there for “Aqua Ionizer” or “Air Water Life” you will not find any products.

Makes you wonder about the integrity of this company and the man behind the company, as well as all his other claims.  Are they all just lies like this one?

At this point I started to look around at what other people, customers, had to say about the aqua ionizer deluxe, maybe they would give me better answers than what I found on Richard Mayer’s website.  I noticed that Richard Mayer had made many YouTube videos to describe his machine, I also noticed what appeared to be “customer review videos” done by actual customers on the aqua ionizer deluxe.  These were short to the point clips, 20 seconds to 1 minute in length, in which the “customer” raves on about how great the machine is.  Seems a little odd that a customer would make such a short YouTube video simply to rave on about the machine and nothing else at all, almost as if they were hired to pretend to be customers and talk up the aqua ionizer deluxe water ionizer machine.

I checked out more customer reviews about the aqua ionizer on

I wanted to see what people who actually purchased and used the aqua ionizer deluxe were saying.  I found that at the current time the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 has a 4 star rating, with 51 total reviews, 6 one star reviews, 5 two star reviews, 2 three star reviews, 3 four star reviews, and 35 five star reviews.  Upon reading these reviews, many of the 5 star reviews appear to be written by the same person, the poor writing and poor grammar is very distinctive, and I will highlight these for you but lets first take a look at the lower ratings, from what some unsatisfied customers have said, then take a look at the higher ratings, and the ones which are “suspect”.

negative customer reviews on the aqua ionizer customer reviews on air water life and real spirite usa

air water life aqua ionizer review

Fake aqua ionizer deluxe review

aqua ionizer customer review

customer reviews on air water life
real spirit usa reviews
aqua ionizer deluce 7.0 water ionizer review

If you read the five 5 star aqua ionizer deluxe reviews and comparisons I have posted above, they all appear to be written by the same person, the style of writing as well as the many punctual and grammatical errors are distinctive, it’s like they are written by a Chinese person who doesn’t know how to write or talk correct English.  There are actually many more that I did not include here, simply because there are too many of them.  So it looks like some or many of the 5 star reviews are actually done by the company manufacturing the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe in China or by someone Richard Mayer has hired.  It’s not too hard to leave your own reviews on Amazon, you just need to make an account and buy the item, then you can leave a review.

Would I put it past this company and Richard Mayer to do such a thing?

No, they lied intentionally about their ETL certification and they advertise this all over their website, and they lied about things like the RTI Distinct plates as seen in the video, so why would they stop there?  Why would they not lie about their product on Amazon to counter some of the negative reviews they have received from customers?

Stepping back and taking in all the information which I have uncovered and presented to you, this operation has the Classic hallmarks of a “Pump and Dump” marketing campaign:

  1. The Aqua Ionizer Deluxe is sold by Air Water Life which is part of Real Spirit USA, which on their company website post an image of a Photoshopped corporate office sign which does not exist.  This is so that once the operation is complete, or they have received so much negative reviews associated with their product, there is no physical proof or photographic evidence that they were ever at that address.
  2. The Aqua Ionizer Deluxe machine is being sold by two companies:  Air Water Life with the CEO Richard Mayer and Alive Water Ionizers with the CEO Mark Richardson, see the websites airwaterlife dot com and alivewaterionizers dot com
  3. The very nature of their marketing campaign is filled with questionable practices not limited to:

In fact if you do a little more digging, looking at the websites and companies owned by Richard Mayer and associated with Real Spirit USA, you find several companies and websites:

  • mysolargarden dot net
  • advancedpureliving dot com
  • ultra-pureair dot com
  • airwaterlife dot com

One of them, mysolargarden dot net, has already closed down (see the image below) and is currently unavailable to honor any warranties which any purchasers of those products must have thought they had.

air water life company better business bureau review

richard mayer company scams


What do you think happened to the customers who purchased products from My Solar Garden?  Who is honoring their warranties now that the company has closed, who is offering them customer support?

These facts are indicative of any “Pump and Dump” operation, in which you sell as much of a product (even if it is a bad product) as possible until you reach a point where there is too much negative press associated with the product and with the company selling the product.  Then you “Dump” the entire operation, close down shop, close the business, and disappear.

Because everything is documented on the internet, we can actually see who owns these websites listed above by checking the WHOIS data on Godaddy dot com

Checking out the WHOIS data we find the owner of these websites, who therefore most likely is running the operations:

Real Spirite USA company review

ultra pure air company richard mayer

advanced pure air company richard mayer

air water life real spirit company richard mayer


The owner of all these websites is Richard Mayer and there are several addresses, another key fact is the chronology in time in which these websites were created.

Looking at the creation date we can see that the first website domain realspiritusa dot com was purchased on October 28th 2005. The second, third, and fourth websites, most notably mysolargarden dot net, are all purchased at later years in time, with the last being airwaterlife dot com, which must be Richard’s latest and most recent undertaking.  Airwaterlife dot com which was purchased on September 23rd 2010 is the only website which uses the “Corporate Address” (as its registration address) prominently displayed on all these websites, and on realspiritusa dot com.  Since these events are chronological in order, it appears that Richard’s most recent scheme is the one in which he Photoshopped an image of an office building in an attempt to make his company appear large and reputable.

However, unlike customers who made their purchases from mysolargarden dot net, you can see the clear chain of events and facts behind Richard Mayer’s operations, and the various websites and companies created, and they highly skilled way he has used his trickery to deceive.  Unlike those customers of mysolargarden dot net you now have a “heads up” and you can avoid such “Pump and Dump” marketing campaigns in which the customers are “Dumped” along with the product, and the warranty service and customer service ceases to exist.