Life Ionizers is a registered trademark
Life Ionizers is a registered trademark.

Life Ionizers uses the business name Earth Trade Water

Customer Complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau against Life Ionizers / Earthtrade Water

Third Party Investigative report:  Eyes on the Industry

Rip Off Report on Life Ionizers

While browsing around Waterionizerauthority I happened to discover a very interesting article:

In summary the developers at Waterionizerauthority decided to stop selling Life water ionizers for what they saw as “Unethical Practices”. Reading further they explained that the people at Life Water Ionizers actually stole their content and created new additional websites. The people at Life Water Ionizers called these websites their own, and started using them to promote their own water ionizers yet they created the websites in such a way that they looked unbiased. They placed many other brands of water ionizers on the website and offered them for sale but in reality these other machines were actually not for sale, they were only there to give the “Appearance” of an unbiased website, such as what Waterionizerauthority is.

They go on further to say that the owner of Life Water Ionizers, Mr. Rick Cabados, created these and other additional sites in a way as to conceal the identity of the true owner of the websites. And that they (Waterionizerauthority) did their own little investigation to discovery this.

After reading this from waterionizerauthority I did some research of my own and have listed it below and I would like to mention another article on about life water ionizers:
Life water ionizers customer complaints and reviews

First thing I found was that the Better Business Bureau has received an excessive number of customer complaints against the Life Water Ionizers company in the past 3 years with numerous consumer reports documenting cases of unprofessionalism and unethical conduct against customers. BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU FILE ON LIFE WATER IONIZERS: excessive number of complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years.  If you take the time to read these complaints you will discover that most of them are from customers who claim that the life ionizer company representatives significantly misrepresented the terms of the return policy.

Fact: The Earthtrade Water company is the same company as Life Water Ionizers:

If you visit the San Diego BBB and do a search on a business and search for Life water ionizers or Earthtrade water you will find that they are the same company as classified on the Better Business Bureau website.


Life Ionizers is Earthtrade Water


To read previous consumer reports on the service they received from the Life Water Ionizer Company you will have to visit the San Diego Better Business Bureau by doing a Google search or by clicking one of the links above.


Rip Off Report on Life Ionizers


Life Ionizers Scam Ripped Me Off


Surely as a water ionizer reviewer, I felt compelled to share these life water ionizer reviews with others. I then began to search more on Life Water Ionizers, Earthtrade Water, and Rick Cabados the owner.

I found another alkaline water website with even more revealing information on the Life Water Ionizer company and the way in which they conduct their business. You may visit that website here:


Article: “The Facts of Life”


Finally just when I thought that the amount of misconduct could not increase any further, I found a letter from the Food and Drug Administration directed to Mr. Rick Cabados regarding one of his many companies selling products which he claims will have “miraculous health benefits”


Food and Drug Administration Warning Letter to Rick Cabados owner of Life Ionizers


To sum it up, based upon all that I have discovered I have concluded the following:

Life Water Ionizers / Earth Trade water has an extensive record of customer complaints:

  • Having such an extensive record of consumer complaints for their unethical business practices that many 3rd party organizations in addition to the BBB have documented these abuses.
  • Creating additional company names and alias and websites in what looks like an attempt to cover up previous consumer complaints.

Doctors Health Supply  or simply “Health Stores” one of Rick Cabados owner of life water ionizer other companies.
Notice the Address on the BBB record and on the sign:
Health Stores by Life Ionizers