Are Kangen Water Machine Distributor sellers telling you the whole truth? Or are they simply “selling” you…

Is there no limit to what An Enagic Kangen Water System Representative will say?

They will say whatever they have to say to make you believe you need to buy their machine, that is the extent of the truth in most of their words.

Did they tell you how to refill the Electrolysis Enhancer Solution used to make Strong Kagen Water and Kangan Beauty Water?

Enagic is the only company & brand to manufacture a machine which requires electrolysis enhancer to make high and low PH values. None of the other brands uses chemicals to raise and lower the PH of the ionized antioxidant drinking water. In addition the electrolysis enhancer Kangen uses contains Sodium Hypochlorite the main chemical used to make household Bleach! Did your kangen alkaline water benefits seller (or advocate) tell you that? Do they even know that? If the Kangen water ionizer machine is really better, which is why it is so much more costly, and why it sets the “Gold Standard” why does it use chemicals to make high and low PH values? It IS the only brand to do that, this really gives new meaning to the phrase “Gold Standard”.

Kangen water electrolysis enchancer
Enagic uses Sodium Hypochlorite in the Kangen Water Ionizers to make Strong Beauty Water. Your drinking water runs through the same tubes which Sodium Hypochlorite, the main component in Bleach, runs through.


Since your “Expert” Alkalized Kagen water seller may have “forgotten” to tell you about this, or may have overlooked this, please forgive them. It’s not like molecules of the electrolysis enhancer do not stick to the walls of the tubing inside the system or to the electrolysis chamber or plates inside the machine. There are no molecules or moles of residue remaining in the system after the electrolysis enhancer is used and you rinse it with water. The plastic piping inside the Kangan Machines is of a degree of manufacture that is not corroded by Sodium Hypochlorite and the walls of the tubing are molecularly perfect, frictionless, so there are no molecules or moles of the substance remaining stuck to the walls which wash away later in your drinking water. Even if they did, the amounts would be so low they would not harm you, and you can believe this, just like the many other “inventive” Kangen Water Myths and Hoaxes. Enagic is so much better that it uses advanced molecular nano technology which has not yet even been invented by humans to make perfect friction-less surfaces which have no risk of cross contamination. In other words, Enagic uses molecular manufacturing and nanotechnology to build this device, that’s why it is so expensive. The Enagic Company pays for time travel to bring technology from to future to planet Earth today, like the desktop nano-factory below, which it uses to make the friction-less surfaces inside all Kangan ionized alkaline drinking water machines, which are the only surfaces which would not be corroded by Sodium Hypochlorite or hold residue amounts of electrolysis enhancer fluid.

Under such high pressure to sell a machine which cost at least twice more than the competition these things can happen. Do not forget that it is more expensive because it is the best, that is why it cost more. Really, you do not want to risk purchasing an inferior brand’s machine which has a longer warranty and a longer return policy than the Kangen Enagic Brand. There is no need for that, you should go ahead and buy the SD501 because it cost $4000.00 and this makes it much better. Did I tell you it only has a 30 day return policy for UNOPENED AND UNUSED machines? Did I tell you the warranty is a 3 or 5 YEAR FULL WARRANTY because Enagic’s Products are built so much better than the competition that it has full confidence the machine will not last you much longer than 3 or 5 years time. The company is so worried about you being unhappy with your purchase once you start using it the kangen enagic water machines only have a 7 DAY RETURN POLICY FOR OPENED AND USED SYSTEMS WITH A $500.00 DOLLAR RESTOCKING FEE. You better hope the machine you get is not defective, or has a leak, or any other electronic problem. There are customers who have filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau stating Enagic took a restocking fee or stole their $1200.00 financing down payment when they tried to return machines that were received and not working upon delivery. Don’t believe it?  Go ahead and Read Enagic Kangen Water Machine Customer Complaints and Testimonials on the BBB.   Yes, Kangen sets the Gold standard, our machines are the best, and you can make a lot of money selling them once you buy one. This is the real reason why it cost so much money, not because they are better, because we have to pay out a large commission structure on every sale. You don’t use the internet to research Kangen Water Reviews? That’s great! Fill out this form and we can process your payment. Don’t worry about comparing us to the online competition, we are the best, why do you think those other machines are so cheap?


Are Kangen Water Machines a Superior & Better Made Product like the Distributors Claim?

Enagic’s devices have the same power system, a transformer, as 70% of all other machines on the market.  Their is actually a more efficient power system called an SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) power system which higher end Systems utilize. None of the ionized antioxidant Kangen alkaline drinking water systems manufactured by Enagic incorporate the newer SMPS power system into their design.

Distributors claim Kegan water systems have larger plates but they require you to add a chemical solution to get the high and low PH. Of nearly all the other water alkalizer systems there is no chemical solution you need to add, this is because the design is more efficient and does not require chemicals to achieve the higher and lower PH.

Most importantly, who is your Kangan Representative? An expert in this industry? or a friend or someone you just met, who purchased their Kangen Ionizer for 4K and is now trying to sell one to make some of that money back?

In truth, with all Biases set aside, the people who participate in MLM sales structures are as much victims of the company who’s products they are selling – as are their customers.

Do not fall victim to what someone or a group of Distributors may tell you in person. The power of suggestion is easily succumbed too. Take your time and finish reading through this Expert Insider Guide to the Alkaline Ionized Water Machine Industry.